Deviation Voicepacker

This service will automatically generate a voice pack (MP3-directory and voice.ini) consisting of the global alerts in select languagues and a number of custom alerts. Each custom alert message entered in the text box below has to be in a new line, please avoid special characters and ",". For more details on how to use voice with Deviation, please refer to the deviation wiki.

Finished builds will be (publicly) available here under the ID you receive when you submit your request. Please be aware, that depending on the Travis workload, it can take up to 60 minutes for a build to be processed.
Also note that there is a global limit of 10 builds per hour, so please do not misuse this service!

For experimenting with speed, start with settings of around 150 words per minute. If none is given, the language default will be used. The following high quality voices are currently available:

cs CZ: Zuzana
de DE: Anna
el GR: Melina
en AU: Karen
en GB: Kate
en GB: Daniel
en IE: moira
en Scotland: Fiona
en US: Allison
en US: Samantha
en US: Tom
es ES: Jorge
es ES: Monica
fi FI: Satu
fr CA: Amelie
fr CA: Nicolas
fr FR: Audrey
fr FR: Aurelie
fr FR: Thomas
hu HU: Mariska
it IT: Alice
it IT: Luca
LV SK: Laura
nl NL: Xander
no NO: Henrik
no NO: Nora
pl PL: Zosia
pt PT: Joana
ru RU: Yuri
ru RU: Milena
sv SE: Alva
tr TR: Yelda

For bug reporting, feedback or whishes, please join the thread in the Deviation forum or create an issue atGitHub.